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Fire temple

I set out to do a chakra balancing meditation one day.I realized how out of balance I was, and how much I needed to focus on my chakras.
I decided to sit in beautiful sunlight, and do the meditation.After I said positive affirmation, then relaxed into another meditation.
In this meditation, an odd thing happened.
From the time I was little, a strange sensation, would come over me--feeling of mystery, power and wonder.I would see strange,short images run through my mind, of an ancient place.
A very large temple of sorts--symbols, writings, altars, etc.

This place was extremely old, and very fascinating; yet I only got glimpse of it.

Now That I'm older, I realize this could be a memory  or an actual, astral visit of sorts.

In my meditation, I was there again; which was unexpected.I saw myself traveling down the halls, touching the walls and going to a big altar.

I was suddenly aware of a very large dragon--it looked more like a Chinese dragon or serpent of sorts.I just remember this big dragon, had red, orange and violet luminous scales.He was coiling on the big altar.

I really cannot say, why I saw a dragon.As I usual focus on angels and other things, but never dragons.So that was quite random.

the power from this being was very intense.He reminded me of volcanoes, the sun and pure vibrancy and life.The kundalini comes to mind as well.A sense of power and bravery flooded the entire place, including myself.

The strong dragon, gave me a colorful flame to hold.As soon as I held it, I seem to have been placed in heavenly armor and had powerful angelic wings.I felt like an arch-angel would.I can't describe this, I don't even know what this mean.But I felt courageous and ready to fight.
I carried this flame and light with me to earth.

After this meditation,my chakras were balanced better, especially my lower ones.I felt free, confident, powerful and ready for action.This is totally out of my character, my lower chakras are quit unstable, most of the time.

I not only had ying energy, I felt power, and unbridled courage rising up in me to follow through with my plans from the new yang energy.Everything is coming into balance the more I balance out the chakras.

Fire Temple by larebabysaiyan

/ / / ©2012-2016 larebabysaiyan
An amazing dragon experience.

artwork not by me
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November 19, 2012
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